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Typical Applications:

Coffee Makers
Washing Machines
Dish Washing Machines
Deep Fryers
Electric Kettles
Bake/Grill Ovens

The Hangzhou plant produces over 60 million heaters/year for the world market place. KAWAI electric heaters are globally renowned for the highest quality and reliability.


KAWAI specializes in the manufacturing of electric heating elements for both the home and industrial / commercial markets. The main plant is located in Hangzhou, China, occupying over 775,000 sq ft. (72000 sq. meters) of land and 387,000 sq ft. (36,6000 sq. meters) of plant floor space.

KAWAI manufactures in-house a complete range of electric heating elements offering sheath materials of Incoloy, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum and Steel. KAWAI offers finished sheath diameters ranging from 0.177" dia (4.5 mm.) to 0.472" dia (12mm. )

Tubular Heating Elements

Kawai produces wide range of metal sheathed tubular heating elements for appliance applications. Custom made tubular elements can be manufactured based on custom engineering drawings and specifications or samples to meet specific requirements.

Additional Heater Products

Open Coil

Finned Tube

Radiant Heaters

Explosion Proof

Cast-in Heaters

Heater Assemblies

Cartridge Heaters

Kawai customizes and offers cartridge heaters to meet customer specifications. With selected premium materials and tight production controls, Kawai cartridge heater provides superb heat transfer and resistance to oxidation and corrosion even under elevated temperature.

Kawai cartridge heaters have been applied in various industries including molds and dies, medical equipment, food processing, packaging, semi-conductor, automotive and aerospace industries, etc.

Different heater sizes, terminations, accessories, mounting options and materials are available based on customer requirements

‚ÄčImmersion Heating Elements

Kawai offers a comprehensive range of immersion heating elements suitable for storage water heaters, boilers, electric water kettles or spa heaters, etc.

Elements combine the anti-corrosion sheath materials with advanced manufacturing technology to produce one of the most sought-after water heaters in the industry.