pH / ORP / ISE / Conductivity / Dissolved Oxygen



  • Intelligent management of sensor calibrations, service-fife and transmitter configurations for efficient commissions and maintenance. All aspects of installation are portable from the shop to the field. 
  • 100% pure digital communications means reliable operation even in noisy process environments.
  • No degradation in signal even with very long cable runs up to max of 610 meters (2,000 feet)
  • Bridging connections are easily done without loss of signal quality with NEMA 6P & IP67 snap connectors
  • Low-cost snap digital extension cables facilitate consolidation of transmitters into a single panel enclosure.
  • Smart 3TX-HiQ software identifies the type of sensor connected to confirm it is compatible for the mating transmitter. 
  • 3TX-HiQ-pH smart configuration feature automatically recognizes & differentiates between pH & ORP sensors. 
  • Min and max temperatures are digitally stamped on sensor for process condition tracking. MODBUS output always sends BOTH the PH/ORP value and the temperature.
  • Input terminal wiring identical for all smart digital 3TX-HiQ measurement modules. 
  • All Extension cables for HiQ sensors are intercompatible. Uniform extension cables minimize stocking.

The extremely rugged industrial grade construction including an extra thick sensor body housing makes ZEUS™ sensors the ideal choice to operate in most any installation at pressures up to 200 psig for inline style, immersion & submersible type installations with aggressive abrasives. The 5.6mm (0.22") thickness for the back of the sensor body minimizes the impact of the process exposure in rugged field installations.

  • The solid state reference is highly resistant to dehydration
  • The thick wall parabolic glass is nearly impervious to cracking, even under high pressure and flow conditions.
  • Supports continuous use from -15 to +150 degrees Celsius.
  • Standard features of all ZEUS™ sensor configurations include Ammonia, Chlorine and Sulfide Gas Resistant and can operate pH media from -0.5 to +14.5 in the presence of most organic media & volatile solvents.
  • All ZEUS™ sensor configurations include ACCU-TEMP Fast Response Pt1000 Temperature Compensation (TC) Element
  • 4 each Ultra-Thick 3.0mm (0.12") Protective Tines to avoid pH glass breakage.

3TX-HiQ Digital Sensors for Superior Cost-Effective Monitoring, Control and Datalogging of pH, ORP and Temperature Process Parameters

  • Intelligent management of calibrations with true plug and play digital sensors and transmitters.
  • Calibration values are automatically loaded when Smart Digital IOTRON™ Sensors are connected to Intelligent HiQ Transmitters.

"Snap" Digital Connectors and Extension Cables

Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.

  • Fully Scalable Analog 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA current loop output

  • Digital output via RS-485 MODbus RTU
  • Smart software checks for correct sensor type. Sensor item#, serial# & invoice# are all stored on sensor.
  • Galvanic isolation between sensor input, power & analog output (3000V rating)
  • Adjustable time zone on real time clock (RTC) used for stamping calibration & installation dates. RTC battery backup ensures date integrity during loss of power.
  • Perform 1-point, 2-point or 3-point pH calibrations. The 3-Point mode (dual slope) uses a separate slope used for acidic (-2 to +7) & alkaline (7 to 16) pH ranges.
  • Offset calibration available for pH & ORP measurements.
  • Automatic pH calibration mode recognizes 4.00, 6.86, 7.00, 9.18 & 10.00 pH buffers
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).

What's New!

Transmitters for Smart Digital pH and ORP Sensors

  • Calibrate smart plug & play pH & ORP sensors in lab/shop & install in the field.
  • Smart digital Iotron™ plug & play sensors automatically load calibration values.
  • The live working calibrations and last five sets of historical calibrations stored on sensor can be displayed & downloaded to file including date associated for each.
  • Cable lengths up to 610 meters (2,000 feet) using rugged NEMA 6P & IP67 rated snap connectors.
  • Iotron™ pH & ORP smart digital sensors stores all calibration data, dispatch date, installation date, time used in the field, last used date & the complete transmitter configuration in EEPROM memory.
  • Download transmitter configuration to sensor or upload from sensor to transmitter
  • Data Ranges for Input: -2 to +16 for pH, ±1000mV for ORP, -40 to +210 °C

ZEUS™ Industrial pH Sensors

Analog and Smart Digital ZEUS™ pH Sensors for Tough Industrial Applications

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