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ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) Sensors

Most complete and rugged line of industrial ion selective sensors offered anywhere.  Continuous inline measurement of ammonium, calcium, lithium, sodium and silver cations and fluoride, chloride, bromide, iodide, cyanide, nitrate, nitrite and perchlorate anions. Available in inline, immersion, fully submersible, twist lock quick disconnect, sanitary and HOT-TAP valve retractable installation configurations.  Ion selective (ISE) measurement systems are supplied complete including sensor and transmitter calibration scheme that is optimized for the intended application use.

HOT-TAP Valve Retractable Assemblies

Industrial Conductivity Sensors

Contacting and torodial (inductive contactless) industrial conductivity sensors for use up to 205 degrees Celsius and 500 psig. Suitable for measurements from 0.55 microSiemens and up to 2,000 milliSiemens. Applications from ultrapure water to strong acids, bases and electrolytes. Materials of construction include 316SS, Monel, Titanium, Hastelloy C-276 (and other) for the electrodes and TEFLON, CPVC, KYNAR and PEEK for the insulator and contacting conductivity sensors (other materials upon request). Cell constants available for 0.01 to 20.0 and anywhere in between.

Twist Lock Sensors

  • Twist lock configuration offers convenient insertion and removal from process with quick disconnect bayonet style installation
  • Twist lock pH & ORP sensors are available with features and options as immersion sensors for severe service applications
  • Twist lock receptacle available in KYNAR (PVDF) & PEEK materials of construction. Sealing "O" rings come standard in Viton-75 with CV75 Simriz 484 or Kalrez 4079 as optional upgrades.

Sensors pH/ORP/ISE/Conductivity/DO

  • Rugged modular HOT-TAP value retractable design allows for safe use at high pressures and tempertures with an insertion depth up to 41 inches.
  • Available in 1½" & 2" full port assembly versions. Robust blow-out protection standard and watertight insertion tube assembly.
  • 316 Stainless Steel standard with alternative materials of construction upon request. Viton or Kalrez "O" -rings for sealing.
  • Ideals for plants with installations that cannot be shut down for sensor insertion or removal from process systems where a slip-stream bypass is not possible.

Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.

pH / ORP Sensors

Rugged line of custom built-to-order analog & smart digital industrial pH & ORP sensors for inline, immersion & submersible, twist lock quick disconnect, valve retractable and sanitary installations in a wide range of applications from slurry/viscous solutions, sulfides, high-temperature, organic applications with various solvents, HF etching and treatment systems & many more. The pH sensors & ORP sensors with integral analog preamplifiers are available with optional rugged field ready waterproof quick disconnect snap connectors. Smart digital pH sensors & ORP sensors come standard with NEMA 6P rated quick disconnect snap connectors. 

Sanitary Sensors

  • Sanitary pH and ORP sensors with solid-state reference technology, and conductivity sensors, are ideal for aggressive food and beverage processes requiring chemical clean-in-place (CIP) support.
  • Solid state reference is resistant to dehydration, chemicals and gases.
  • Thick wall glass is resistant to cracking, even under high temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Available with special "EXTREME" reference system to support prolonged exposure to dry conditions and for intermittent operation.
  • Accurate pH glass is well suited for measurements requiring a high degree of precision.

THE ONLY AMMONIUM (NH4+) ion selective sensor that can be:

  • Used in heavy industrial process and wastewater treatment systems
  • Measurements up to saturated ammonium levels
  • Operate continuous at temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Fully submersible without the use of any standpipe or guiderod immersion tubes

THE ONLY FLUORIDE (F) ion selective sensor that can be:

  • Used in strong acid fluoride etching service at elevated temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius or fluoride wastewater treatment systems.
  • Ready for immersion installation standard or fully submersible with insertion tube or waterproofing option.

Industrial Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensors

AST-DO-UNIVERSAL Rugged Industrial Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensors with High Stability Thick Membranes for Inline, Immersion, Submersion. Sanitary and HOT-TAP Installations. Ideal for Continuous Measurement in Tough Applications such as Processes with Abrasive Slurries, High Levels of Organic and Biological Content as well as solutions with High Turbidity and Viscosity. Available without preamplifier configuration for use with up to 15 meters (50 feet) cable, or with integral analog conventional preamplifier for use up to 100 meters (330 feet) total cable length. The integral preamplifier DO sensor configurations is available with optional rugged field ready quick disconnect NEMA 6P rated snap connectors.

Waterproofed Submersible Assemblies

pH, ORP, ion selective (iSE), dissolved oxygen (DO) and conductivity sensors using waterproof sealing options to create fully submersible assemblies without the need for immersion tubes.

Special materials of construction are available for waterproofing seals upon request (MOQ may apply).